alejandra barahona


Alejandra Barahona, best known as Bara, is an artist and illustrator from Guatemala that specializes in characters inspired by her daily life. Her work is whimsical and quirky and her goal is to make you smile. Bara’s style is inspired in tribal icons, aboriginal cultures and Mayan mythology. Nowadays her favorite technique is linocut and urban art, being the last one the one which has taken her to paint murals in several countries, including Guatemala, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, India, Kosovo, Switzerland and Mexico.

Bara’s work has changed through the years and even though her essence is always the same, her eagerness to experiment with different mediums and materials makes her work evolve in different ways. Her saying “Happy art - Happy Life” goes beyond making you smile, she also likes to share the little she knows giving workshops and sharing her skills whenever she can. Bara has also been part in international projects such as “De Tu Barrio a mi Barrio - Latin America”, “Mail Me Art project- London”, “The Sketchbook project-New York”, “Little Dudes-Germany”, “Mural de la Hermandad-Mexico” and “Meeting of the Styles-Kosovo” among others. She has exhibited her work in Guatemala, Salvador, Mexico, United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Kenya and India.