walter w. wirtz


Walter Wirtz, animator and illustrative designer. Graduate in animation sciences at Brooks College, Long Beach California. Professionally, he has participated in post-production of two Hollywood films, mass media campaigns, advertising and audiovisual production for various entities; additionally, his illustrations have been published in 5 children's books, various magazines, both print and digital and even coloring books, two written by him.

He currently distributes his day by day as a visual producer, illustrating and designing for a television channel, working on various projects as an independent consultant and trying to follow the crazy pace of his family. He has participated in expositions in the United States, Argentina, Israel, Spain and Guatemala.

His work focuses on illustration, with much emphasis on the ink technique where he tries to portray an absurd world that allows us to get away from the violence and problems that come to us every day. Walter works a lot of detail almost at obsessive levels that force the public to appreciate his pieces more than once and catch minutiae that are not apparent to the naked eye.